Good health
is a human right.

Through HENA, nations, individuals and institutions across the Americas are coming together to tackle policies that affect health equity for all populations, especially those who live in contexts of vulnerability.


Race/Ethnicity/Indigenous/Immigrant Populations

Gender Equality

Our Story

The Health Equity Network of the Americas (HENA) is a vibrant, intersectoral community that seeks to Collaborate, Build Power, and Take Action. Its membership of more than 100 health equity leaders from 26 nations in the Americas and the Caribbean represent civil society, government, and academia. Through sharing knowledge and action, HENA takes a multi-pronged approach that brings to light policies and programming that have positive impact on health equity and human rights in the Americas.

HENA focuses its energy on research, policy, communications, and advocacy work. In the coming year, it will: host convenings in both North and South America; publish research in scholarly journals; conduct policy analyses to determine strengths and weaknesses of laws that inhibit health equity; and brief policymakers on the findings of these analyses. During Sept 2018 – April 2019, HENA will widely promote policy recommendations from the PAHO Commission on Equity and Inequalities in the Americas upcoming report.

Collaborating institutions of HENA include North and South American organizations such as the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico; the WORLD Policy Analysis Center; UCL Institute of Health Equity; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Pan American Health Organization; FIOCRUZ; FEIM; Caricom; the Satcher Health Leadership Institute and others joining by the day.

Our Message

Health is foundational and informs our region’s potential. We are an intersectoral network dedicated to achieving health equity and equality in the Americas, especially for those groups living in contexts of vulnerability.

We commit to a human rights and social determinants approach to health.

We embody collaboration. We insist on inclusion.

We monitor health equity for you. For your children. For your country. For a region unified by health.

You have a right to wellbeing. Build a healthy region with us.

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