June 2019 Health Equity Symposium

June Symposium 2019:
Bringing Health Equity Policy to Life in the Americas

Host: Health Equity Network of the Americas, Department of Family Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Location: California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA

Partners: UCL Institute of Health Equity (Sir Michael Marmot, director); the Pan American Health Organization; UCLA Center for Health Policy Research & other collaborators pending

Overview: This two-day symposium will bring together an estimated 100 multidisciplinary leaders from the United States and other nations of the Americas to share knowledge on policy that can promote health equity. Recognizing the vital importance of partnerships, this convening will serve as part of overall HENA membership in sharing knowledge and promoting action for health equity policy. The policy work and sessions of the symposium will feature discussions, research and presentations that address priorities at the national and city/county level. With an emphasis on examining policies that need strengthening, eliminating, or developing in targeted US cities and in other countries, participants will work toward identification and assessment of policies that could be adapted for other regions. Participants will learn about policy strategies and bring successful models to light in a cross-pollination of health equity strategies that work throughout the Americas. The success of the symposium will be driven by the multidisciplinary perspectives and the diverse backgrounds of participants who will hail from advocacy, civil society, academia, governmental agencies, and policy-making entities. Nations from the Americas will be represented, reflecting the composition of HENA’s membership. Broad topic areas will be aligned with HENA’s focus areas, gender equality and immigrant/race populations. A cross-cutting theme of universal health care coverage will be addressed in the context of these focus areas.

Aim: To leverage multi-sectoral relationships in academia, government, and civil society across the Americas with selected representatives from major US cities and countries in their efforts to improve health equity and inform funders to share and document best practices in sharing knowledge on high priority policies that promote health equity, with a special focus on gender equity and immigrant populations.

Broad Topic Areas
This spring symposium will address main focus areas to be explored in general and working group sessions. These three broad topic areas will be addressed throughout the two-day sessions:

Gender Equality/Violence Against Women: HENA advocates for the adoption of policies that encourage political, economic and social equality for women in regions where significant health inequities are caused by gender inequality.

Racial/Ethnic/Indigenous/Immigrant Populations: HENA empowers civil society and others with action that impacts policy change and societal norms.  HENA advances effective, sustainable efforts for adoption by communities where health equity policies are lacking.

Universal Health Care Coverage: HENA proposes capacity strengthening options for feasible policy addressing universal coverage of sufficient health services

SYMPOSIUM FORMAT. Over the course of two days, the program agenda will offer general sessions and keynote addresses followed by breakout sessions as working groups where participants will be actively engaged in discussions surrounding specific topics of policy interest. Participants will work toward the development of a blueprint for policy actions on US national city levels (eg, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta) as well as the US national level.