HENA 2019 Symposium:  Sharing Knowledge to Take Action on Health Equity

HENA 2019 Symposium:  Sharing Knowledge to Take Action on Health Equity


Health Equity Network of the Americas (HENA), Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Monday, September 9th – Tuesday, September 10th, 2019


UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center

Keynote Speaker

Professor Sir Michael Marmot MBBS, MPH, PhD, FRCP, FFPHM, FMedSci


  1. To conduct a 2-day symposium as a space for dialog and knowledge transfer focused on taking action to improve policies affecting health equity and the social determinants of health in California, the United States, and other nations in the Americas.
  2. To build connections that allow the sharing of actions and learning across sectors and fostering a framework for north-south learning in the arena of health equity between US-based organizations and HENA members in North and South America.
  3. To expand and mobilize HENA members and symposium participants, partners and decision-makers with innovative approaches, strategies and tools that link the intersectoral membership and deepen impact of each member within the United States and the region.

 Projected Outcomes

Upon completion of this meeting, participants will be prepared to advance policies related to health equity by:

  1. Taking Action. Participants will develop a set of high priority action steps needed to advance best policies and practices in health equity, informed by North and South American perspectives.
  2. Supporting Workforce Strengthening. We anticipate that this meeting will culminate with the launch a training initiative/network to advance health equity policy knowledge and action within schools of public health and other health professional schools (medicine, etc.) in the Americas.

Policy Priority Areas

Participants will examine policies related to HENA priority areas:

  • Gender EqualityViolence Against Women
  • Immigrant, Race, Ethnic, Indigenous PopulationsImmigrant Health
  • Universal Health CarePrimary Care