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Medicare for All Act


The people of the United States pay more for health care than any other country, and yet millions of people are uninsured or under-insured and can’t get the lifesaving care they need. The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act would expand our current Medicare system to provide high-quality, comprehensive health care to everyone.

Introduced on February 27, 2019, House Representative Pramila Jayapaland 106 House Democrats proposed a bill to establish an improved Medicare for All national health insurance program: H.R.1384 (2019/2020). The legislation proposal calls for a two-year transformation of Medicare into a universal single-payer system, eliminating nearly all private health plans. It would also expand Medicare coverage to include prescription drugs, dental and vision services and long-term care without charging co-pays, premiums or deductibles — and would provide federal funding for abortions.

National Nurses United (NNU) supports Medicare for All and is organizing “barnstorms,” that have attracted thousands of people interested in supporting the movement. Thousands of people have attended more than 150 “barnstorms,” where to learn more about the new Medicare for All Act; many who attended signed up to join or host a canvass and/or phone banking event, contact elected representatives and learn more about the movement.

Take Action!

  • Attend or organize an event where people can learn what they do to support the Medicare for All campaign here
  • Check out NNU’s Youtube video here to learn more about how the Act will be funded and increase healthcare access
  • Listen to Nurse Talk radio show
  • Share your -own healthcare story here
  • Email / mail your representative using an email template provided by NNU here
  • Tell your local newspaper about Medicare for All Act and be featured on NNU’s website here
  • Gain knowledge – read new stories here
  • Promote Medicare For All Act through flyers and placards here
  • For nurse, register for an upcoming leadership workshop here to 1) connect their experience at the bedside to the dire need for a more humane health care system based on the needs of their patients and not on private pain and profit; and 2) expand their patient advocacy beyond the bedside and into the public sphere.
  • Join a Canvass/Phone Bank Event near you here
  • Join the Movement by adding your name to learn about events and actions near you to win Medicare For All here
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Additional Resources:

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