The Health Equity Network of the Americas (HENA) is a vibrant, intersectoral community that seeks to Collaborate, Build Power and Take Action. Its membership of more than 300 health equity leaders across the Americas and the Caribbean represent civil society, government and academia.

OUR MEMBERS ARE: celebrated health equity champions and international experts on social determinants of health, motivated members of academia, poignant leaders in the public health and medical spheres ranging from all nations through the Americas. These members are actively pursuing health equity as community members in their own neighborhoods, as mothers in their own homes, as faculty across institutions of higher learning, as officials in governmental agencies, and beyond. We unite by our common core mission to promote health equity through an intersectoral collaboration.

Through sharing knowledge and action, HENA takes a multi-pronged approach that brings to light policies and programming that have a positive impact on health equity and human rights in the Americas.

We’d love to have you onboard!


HENA Member News

This web page highlights recent HENA member news and updates related to advancing the network’s priority areas.