Mission & Vision

Our values demonstrate who we are and what we do. We stand for the following values, and ensure each action we take is grounded in and infused by these potent and foundational elements:

Action, Human Rights, Diversity, Equity, Social Justice, Intersectoral, Horizontality, Inclusion, Commitment, Collaboration

To promote knowledge sharing and intersectoral action for health equity and human rights as priority issues in the Americas.

An intersectoral network dedicated to promoting health equity and equality in the Americas, especially for vulnerable populations.

I. Disseminate knowledge related to: a) health inequities and human rights in populations living in situations of vulnerability; and b) policies and programs in the pursuit of health equity.
II. Provide avenues to access and utilize this knowledge through HENA advocacy efforts.

I. To identify, promote, and share health equity policies and practices based on a human rights approach
II. To encourage action on promoting health equity through policies and practices that consider social determinants of health and human rights;
III. To monitor progress and impact of health-related policies