Sharing Knowledge, Taking Action at UCLA

OBJECTIVES: this convening will provide opportunities.…

  1. Policy. To discuss policies for promoting health equity & share relevant research results including student poster presentations.
  1. Training. To educate and create a space for students and faculty to present work on issues related to health equity & discuss ways in which they can engage to various entities on campus.
  2. Advocacy. To stimulate ongoing advocacy on the UCLA campus to heighten awareness for policy changes needed and to share approaches to support the health equity movement.

Policy priority areas: Participants will examine policies related to HENA priority areas:

Gender Equality, focused on violence against women
Racial, Ethnic, Indigenous, and Immigrant Populations, focused on immigrant health
Universal Health Care, focused on primary care


UCLA undergraduates & other students interested in public health and more specifically the health equity arena, as well as faculty and staff across departments working on policies that impact health equity.

UCLA faculty from multiple departments, Centers and Institutes will be invited.



Participants will be prepared to promote health equity by:

  1. Informing HENA Programming. Knowledge shared during this meeting will be used to inform development of subsequent international Symposium in September.
  2. Taking Action on Campus. The HENA student group and faculty will be strengthened, inspired, and mobilized to conduct action that addresses policies and systems to improve health equity in the local arena.