HENA Webinars

Venezuelan Migration Crisis and Colombia’s Human Rights Response

The migration crisis resulting from millions of Venezuelans fleeing their native country and arriving in Colombia has received global attention. Participants in this webinar will hear how Colombia has begun to tackle the influx of refugees to ensure public services and other human rights.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

8:00am PT / 11:00am ET



Julian Fernandez-Niño, MD, MPH, MSc, PhD

Professor, Department of Public Health, Universidad del Norte

In the last year, Dr. Fernandez-Niño has led research projects on the health status of Venezuelan migrants in urban settlements, collaborative design of information, education and communication strategies on migration issues; and characterization of the health risks of pregnant migrants in the Colombian Caribbean. Dr. Fernandez-Niño is currently the director of a specific implementation agreement for the International Organization for Migration, and leads the research in migration, displacement and health within the Universidad del Norte, where he also coordinates the formation of the first analysis unit on mixed migratory flows and existing health in Colombia.  Read more here.



Michael A. Rodriguez, MD, MPH

Founding Director, Health Equity Network of the Americas

Dr. Rodríguez is professor and vice chair in the UCLA Departments of Family Medicine and Community Health Sciences, founding director of the Health Equity Network of the Americas, and founding chair of the UCLA Minor in Global Health. His research activities focus on health equity and social determinants of health.  Read more here.